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[sticky post] Masterlist

This is to say that all works of art, fiction etc. that are recognisable as being based on the property of persons who are not me are - undoubtedly - not mine, and belong to those persons and/or companies that created and developed them.

SherlockCollapse )

Cabin PressureCollapse )

Doctor WhoCollapse )

Lord of the RingsCollapse )The HobbitCollapse )

MerlinCollapse )

ThorCollapse )
AvengersCollapse )SpidermanCollapse )

Rise of the GuardiansCollapse )


Title: Gijrradálvvie
Characters: Kristoff
Rating: G
Warnings: allusions to death
Summery: His earliest memory of Arendelle is, also, his earliest memory

Read moreCollapse )


Owl Art

Painted with Paper53


Enter the Mountain

Title: Enter the Mountain
Warnings: None
Characters: Bilbo Baggins
Rating: G
Type: Gen
Summery: The door is opened.
Follows Barrels (Bilbo gets wet, and that's not a good look for a dragon)

Here upon the mountainsideCollapse )
Title: Barrels (Bilbo gets wet, and that's not a good look for a dragon)
Warnings: Spoilers for DOS
Characters: Bilbo Baggins
Rating: G
Type: Gen
Summery: They've made it to Mirkwood
Follows Hall of the Skin Changer (Bilbo finally gets to go Orc hunting)

Mirkwood this wayCollapse )
My "Anything! (What design do you have in mind?)" entry for Commonplace Books' T-Shirt contest. Under cut.Read more...Collapse )


This is my Cecil/Carlos entry for the desing contest held by Commonplace Books. Under cut, because its huge.Read more...Collapse )


Crossover Big Bang 2013 Art

Art for morganoconner's fic This Tree with all its Broken Branches


It's a simple inscription, practically childish. Clint knows it by heart; spent long hours memorizing the feel of it beneath his fingers.

"VC," Allison says, looking back at Clint. "Was that…"

"Your mom," Clint acknowledges. The initials of her maiden name, not the legal, married one she'd had by then.

"And CH?" She doesn't mention the crudely-etched heart with the arrow poking through, or the words scratched underneath in Latin.

And a page break

pagebreak (640x346)



I did Art! And I am quite proud of ths one!
See here!Collapse )



So now that the wall is painted, and my bedroom made over, I have started work on my next project!

I am making a cosplay of Bag End for (hopefully) Supanova. I've been making a practice dress over the weekend to see if I like the pattern, and so far so good. I'll post pics when it's all put together - by Wednesday, all going well. Then its off to buy the fabric in the rignt colours and I want to have it all done by next week.